This blog is mainly to share our way with pottery and bonsai.

First of all we like to introduce ourselves.

We are born in 1964 and married since the year 2000.
We live in Germany in the Osnabrück area in a wonderfull old house at the edge of a forest.
A dog and two cats are our companions.

We are interested in bonsai since 2001 and have about 40 trees ....mainly yamadori and home-grown.
There are also a few hundred seedlings and cuttings as we both enjoy the cultivating very much.
In 2006 Klaudia started to make bonsaipots, which is a very nice part of our live for both of us now.
Other interests we share are gardening, nature, fishing and photography.

Welcome everybody and please enjoy the upcoming posts....
..nice to meet you and kind regards.

Klaudia & Martin